Monday, January 22, 2007

18 Days

We met Melih from Cesme Alacatı Agrilla on the airport .He was going to Buenos Aires for 1 month just for tango. In Che Lulu guesthouse we met other people travelling in south america since several months. Then we came to Rio and in milfont guesthouse there are people staying in Rio for 2 months. Olga was in south america since 4 months travelling in Peru, Kolombiya, Argentina and she came to Rio for 2 months. Finally today waiting a tram ,İ talk to a half swiss , half italian guy Fabian 42, he was travelling the world.He said he privatized himself. He was im salvador and planning move to brasil.

This is our longest holiday since we are together. Until high school i was making holidays for 3 months. And then maximum 1 week. When you travel to a new place, the first 2 days you try to get use to everything . Your body suffers, the weather is different, the bed is different.You get easly tired things like that. Also there is very few time to see everyting on the wrigth moment. When you are running these other guys are reading books, talking to each other, drinking caiprinhia( local brasilian drink). They miss nothing. Altough you want to see all the streets you pass from the same street unintentionally.

I think my vacation and the time for myself, my love and my son will increase after this long long vacation.

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