Tuesday, January 16, 2007


This picture is from livestock market in BA . Today i made a little tour starting from livestock market until fattenning farm.It was a great experience for me .I saw many the differences between Turkish meat market and Argentine. Most of their bulls are hereford,black angus brought form England at 1800's. So they change their livestock breed. These animals are great for beef production. The market is strongly controlled by the government. People eat 75 kg per year per head in argentina which is the highest in the world. That's why politicians are trying to keep the meat prices as low as possible. I guess this will lower the quality of the meat in the future. On the other hand, they have huge amount of everything. Animals,corn,land, cheap labor. The price for 1 kg of livetsock is 1 usd. In Turkey it is 3 usd. Plus the quality of the bull is much more better. They are slaugthering the animal at 300 kg alive which is very low than my expectation. I didnt understand the logic behind this process. They are treating in two different ways. One for export animals second for local market. Quality of the meat is very high but marbeling is not an issue in argentina.As they are concentrated on export all of their meats are vakum packed. İt can wait until four months.
They are using heifers and steers for good meat. So the animal is young and has enough fat. Their farms are very simple and very efficient.

There are so many things to write but in an other time when i comeback to turkey. By the way i am going to die from eating meat. Every lunch and dinner i eat great meat. Beef de chorizo is the best.

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