Sunday, January 14, 2007


This is my son's first travel abroad . He is only 3,5 months. We are in hotel lulu (it is a guesthouse in emile zola , palermo viejo). He has fever 38 degree since yesterday.After some treatments ,now it is 37 degree. BA (Buenos Aires) was not so different to me after Europeen cities.But everyday ,we are discovering beauties and difference. Last night we went to a tango bar called Sabor tango. It is like turkish weddings.People are looking each other to find his or her tangomate.We didnot understand the real motive behind this scene. Do really people come to tango or find someone. Anyway my love lost her belief end respect to tango. She was planning to attend tango lesson. Our little son Emir was with us. He wasnt interested to portenos girls(BA local girls).
We had, as butcher family, three times argentine steak till now. How do i find it? Well first of all, they dont ask you how you eat.So it comes to you between medium and well done. It is soft but not like butter nor that juicy. These restaurant are called "parilla a la carbone" . Bife de cauriso (sirloin) is about 2 inch (4-5 cm). Price is unbelivable about 5 usd per 16 oz( 500 gr).
Today is sunday and we went to San telmo where flea market and antique shops are. Lots and lots of people( tourist like us) walking around .

By the way it takes 24 hours to come from istanbul. And in madrid airport we spend 4 hours and it is fantastic building. We met Melih from Agrillia Alacati. He is a fanatic of tango . He will stay in BA for 1 month just for tango.
I took many pictures with my new fantastic nicon d70s.

I love my wife, my son, travelling and Buenos Aires.

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