Friday, January 26, 2007

The same movie and samba

I like to watch the same movie again and again as if it is the first time and i like it. Today it is friday and we went to a very nice restaurant for lunch "Aprevizel" in Santa Teresa. The food was so so. Then we take a taxi and we came to citybank to get some money and change money. I have to pay the hotel and need some extra cash. That's why we I took all the cash and all our credit cards with me. In the bank ,i couldn't find my vallet. İt wasn't a joke. I return immediately to taxi but it was gone. We call the restaurant ,no good news. We try to talk the taxi drivers to make an announcement ,nobody speaking english. I said lets go back to santa teresa to hotel maybe Denise could help us. Let me explain the situation briefly. 700 Usd , 3 credit cards, id cards. No other card left with us , no money at all, we have to live 2 more days, pay the hotel nearly 900 usd, it is friday 5 o'clock in Rio. On sunday we have to leave. We don't know anybody, during weekend we cannot transfer money from somewhere. Can you imagine?
And in Torino i did the same thing just 3 months before. How clever i am. I told you i like to watch the same movie. No second plan, nothing ,nothing. Anyway, i was hopeless turning back to the hotel. Olga remember that "San" was written on the taxi while we arrive to santa teresa. I said could this be santa teresa taxi's. Then we saw a taxi written santaxi . We stop there and try to explain our problem desperately. He was very relax .He call their central station to make an announcement. 2 minutes later he said they found it in the taxi and five minutes later the taxi driver came with all my valet , money. Lucky ,lucky, lucky.... You know the joke: two guys went to a movie. İn the movie there was horse-racing. One of them ask the other " do you wanna bet on black horse?" the other accept and win. The one who ask for the bet said İ knew that yours will win because İ saw the movie before. Than why did you bet on the white horse? ask the winner. Well bet for the surprise.
So luckily i win did time and all my chance turn. Because since we are in Rio we didn't see any woo-ow girls and samba. Yesim and Olga wanted to take samba lessons i show you the photo and you decide.:)))))))


Yigit said...

hibinos !
Demekki dunyanin oteki yakasindasin. Benim icinde eglenin. Have a nice holiday.

Yigit - Milan / Italy

Yigit Mengu said...

Koc, yanlis ata oynamissin.
Anlarsin ya. Bende bir keresinde Istanbul'da yanlis ata oynamistim.


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