Thursday, January 25, 2007


Today at the end of Coppacabana beach in Leme we went to a churrascaria restaurant called Marius. Our first churrascaria experience was in Tribeca Newyork. They have open buffet and a fix price. You take what ever you want from salad bar including everything like pasta, sushi .You have a card with two sides, green and red. After finishing salad part you turn red part.They begin to bring you all kind of meat.All of them was very nice.You can eat as much as you want and it is unbeleivable.We paid something like 185 usd that night in tribeca churrascaria Plataforma. To eat at night was a big misteak because you eat a lot .So İn Rio we went at lunch time.And İn Marius you can choose seafood or meat. As we had meat experience and also Argentine was very succesfull, we preferred sea food. Although I knew that I shoudnt eat much from salad bar, it was so good that i couldnt stop myself. Then prawn, lobster,oyster,codfish and many many other things I dont remember came infront of us. That was unbeleivable. Per 60 usd per person you can not each that much seafood anywher else.May be fareast. After that lunch I had to run all the way from Coppacabana to İpenema (that makes nearly 10 km).

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