Monday, January 22, 2007

Rio de janerio

After 7 days in buenos aires what is left in my mind are great steak(parilla= grill= steakhouse) , tango, huge farm. BA was just like an europeen city. Che lulu is the name of the guest house where we stay in Palermo viejo.(great place) the house and the area is really very good to stay. We went every night and day to the selected restaurants. I understand that i dont like luxury international restaurants Especially when you are in a different country. And the food in local places were much much better and cheap. Most of the parillas we went were excellent.
After 3 hours flight we came to Rio. Of course to the guest first in Santa Teresa Denise Milfont guesthouse.İt is such a lovely place.Santa Teresa was once upon a time best area where rich people were living. Later on they prefer other places like İpenama ,leblon . It is located on the hill. The threes and houses are unbelievable.They are very cheap like 300,000 reas with a garden. Denise is lovely person ,warm, helpfull, smiling all the time. All the places she recommend us were fantastic. Our room is infact not aroom but a part of the house with Rio view ,dont know what to say. Now a days there is an bohamian life in Santa teresa they say . Nice restaurants, bars ,people. You here music from everywhere but it is not like music coming from the bar. Four kids on the street singing or from a house.You feel like the city is singing all the time. We spend all saturday in İpenama just watching people and the ocean. Emir is having first of everthing in Rio. His first summer,beach, ocean ,summer rain. He is together with us all the time. Even in Lapa ,Rio's most crowded nightlife area.
Thanks god we still have one week in Rio.

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